Staycation 2016 Day Five

We decided to take a break from the film festival the Wednesday of Staycation. As much as I love the festival, it is a time-commitment which does limit our option for doing things other than movies.

The day focused on a couple of museum exhibits. First, we headed to the Fabric Workshop and Museum which neither of us had been to. We went for the Ann Hamilton exhibit which we had learned about because a friend of our was involved with setting it up.

The site for the exhibit explains it better than I could:

Cloth making—among the oldest forms of human cultural production—provides inspiration for Ann Hamilton’s multi-venue project, habitus, located at three sites: The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Municipal Pier 9, and on social media. Habitus weaves text, textile, and image together as mediums for an imaginative and tactile exchange between artist and audience.

The museum’s galleries display Hamilton’s selection of historical objects—including literary commonplace books, textile sample books, dolls, and needlework portfolios—borrowed from Philadelphia museums and public collections. Printed passages from published writings referencing the social and material life of textiles, and collected through an open call to the public at cloth • a commonplace, will be available free to museum visitors.

We loved the exhibit and had no idea that the museum was as large as it is which meant the exhibit was a lot more expansive than we had expected.

We had a small breakfast at home prior to the Fabric Workshop because we wanted to take advantage of being near Chinatown with an eye toward getting dim sum. After weighing a few options, we chose Nom Wah and were quite pleased with our choice.

Holly was excited about getting dim sum because she loves it and hadn’t had it in ages. She had a plan for what she wanted to order, and since I am a dim sum novice, I just went with whatever she recommended. Not surprisingly, all her choices were excellent.

We had Shrimp Siu Mai, Shrimp & Snow Pea Leaf Dumplings, Turnip Cakes, Shanghainese Soup Dumplings, House Special Roast Pork Bun, and Chinese Broccoli. That might have been too much food on a normal outing, but this was Staycation!

Shrimp Siu Mai, Shrimp & Snow Pea Leaf Dumplings at Nom Wah Dim

Turnip Cake at Nom Wah Dim Sum

Shanghainese Soup Dumplings at Nom Wah Dim Sum

House Special Roast Pork Bun at Nom Wah Dim Sum

Chinese Broccoli at Nom Wah Dim Sum

After our wonderful lunch, we continued with our museum day and walked over to the Barnes Museum for the Masterworks of French Photography (1890-1950) exhibit, which featured works of Ilse Bing, Eugène Atget, André Kertész, Dora Maar, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray and Brassaï. One of the most fascinating features of the exhibit was the connections made between the photography of the time and painting from the same period also on exhibit at the Barnes.

After the exhibit, we stopped home for a little while before heading out to dinner. We went to Sate Kampar which was high on our list of new places to try. Since it is BYOB, we stopped at The Bottle Shop to pick-up beer. Having looked at Sate Kampar’s menu before leaving home, we decided that better was a better pairing than wine (for our tastes at least).

We started with Rendang Daging (beef slow-cooked with spices and coconut cream) and Ku-Mah’s Achat (pickled vegetables). One of their specialties (not surprising given their name) is Sate. We indulged in two rounds. First, Sate Kajang with goat and then Sate Melaka with chicken. Both are grilled over coconut shell charcoal. The Kajang is served with peanut sauce and cucumbers while the Melaka is served with pineapple peanut sauce and cucumbers.

Rendang Daging (beef) and Ku-Mah’s Achat (pickled vegetables) at

Goat Saté Kajang at Sate Kampa

Since we were in East Passyunk, we couldn’t resist stopping at Brigantessa for amari on the way home.

It was another successful day and a pleasant break from the film festival, but I was ready to head back the next day.