Staycation 2016 Day Nine

Unfortunately, Staycation had to come to an end, but we thoroughly enjoyed our last day.

My brother came into the city to join us for brunch. We debated a bit about where to go since we still had a few brunch places on our list we had not yet gotten to. We decided to stay local both for our convenience and for my brother’s as our neighborhood is easy for him to get to by train.

We went to Le Chéri which turned out to be an ideal place for the last day of our break. Despite being the end of October, the weather was warm and pleasant so we sat out in their back patio. The place was somewhat busy but not hectic, so we were able to have a relaxing and leisurely brunch.

We all shared a pot of French press coffee. I had the Croque-Madame, and Holly had an omelet with cheese and truffles. My brother had the Quiche Lorraine. After the meal, the waiter brought us a complimentary plate of marshmallows and madeleines.

Croque-Madame at Le Cheri


Omelet with Cheese and Truffles at Le Cheri

Pumpkin Spice Marshmallow and Madeleines at Le Cheri

My brother mentioned he was a bit jealous of our trip to the top of Liberty Place, so he decided to take advantage of being in town and went to the top as well after brunch.

Holly and I went off to see I Called Him Morgan, an excellent documentary about the jazz musician, Lee Morgan. It was a fine way to end my film festival experience.

We cooked at home that night. Inspired by our meal at Kanella Grill, Holly crafted a coriander swordfish dish with bell peppers and onions and served over lemon rice.

Coriander Swordfish with Red Bell Peppers, Onions and Lemon Rice

Staycation 2016 was one of the best yet. It’s hard to believe that we started out with only doing long weekends. We’re very glad we started this yearly tradition and have already started a list of things we want to do next year!


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