Staycation 2016 Day Seven

The Friday of Staycation was our last full day of our adventures, at least in terms of going out. As with the previous weekend, we planned on some home cooking on Saturday and Sunday.

The day started with a long walk to South Philly Barbacoa. Holly is a huge fan of Mexican food, so South Philly Barbacoa was a place she was dying to try ever since we heard about it. They are only open Friday through Sunday, which is the only reason we planned on it near the end of Staycation.

We ordered a few things to share: lamb barbacoa tacos, pancita tacos, and two tamales (vegetarian and rajas and queso). We also each got café de olla. Everything was as wonderful as we hoped it would be. They have a very small menu and that focus on doing a few things well pays off.

Lamb Barbacoa and Pancita Tacos at South Philly Barbacoa

Tamales, and Lamb Barbacoa and Pancita Tacos at South Philly Bar

With a full and happy belly, I went off to my last two movie day and saw Beyond the Mountains and Hills and Harmonium.

A few months ago, we had stopped at Tequila’s for drinks. Tequila’s is very close to where we live, but we had yet to get there. We really enjoyed our drinks and loved the space and decided to try it for dinner sometime. That Friday of Staycation marked the anniversary of when Holly and I met, and we chose to celebrate it at Tequila’s. And, no, we did not have any issues with getting Mexican food twice in the same day!

For appetizers, we shared the mushroom and cheese empanadas and the pozole. For our entrees, Holly had the chiles rellenos, and I had the seafood enchiladas. We finished with each getting the Oaxaca old-fashioned (siembra azul reposado, el pelotón de la muerte mezcal, agave nectar & angostura bitters).

Mushroom and Cheese Empanadas and Pozole at Tequilas

Enchiladas Playa at Tequilas

Oaxaca Old-Fashioned at Tequilas

We enjoyed Tequila’s but may have been a bit spoiled by the simple goodness of South Philly Barbacoa.