Summer Farmers’ Markets

After enduring winter and a slowly developing spring, our local farmers’ markets are replete with goodness. Our takes the past few weekends have been wonderful. This weekend’s shopping might have been the best of the year.

We bought:

  • Golden beets and tomatoes from Rambling Roots
  • Corn and jalapenos from Rineer Farm
  • Bread from Wild Flour Bakery
  • Hard Cider from Frecon Farms
  • Green beans, garlic, broccoli rabe, sugar peas, eggs and chicken from Highland Orchards
  • Purple Scallions and basil from Z Food Farms
  • Peaches and plumcots from Beechwood Orchards
  • Green tomato from Hands on the Earth
  • Red wine bacon from PorcSalt
  • Mushrooms from Davidson Exotics
  • Scallops from Shore Catch
  • Rockfish from Otolith

Mushrooms, Cherry Tomatoes and Basil

Cherry Tomatoes and Basil


It’s going to be a good week!