Sore Back and Old Movies


Last weekend, I hurt my back while sneezing, of all things. First thing Saturday morning, too. Missed two days of work. Crazy. But it did give me the chance to be lazy and watch some baseball and old movies. Would have been much more enjoyable if I had done so by choice, but there you have it.

Chris and I have been talking about getting rid of our cable and our home phone. We’re paying $100 for both and we don’t watch that much TV and rely mainly on our cell phones. However, being laid up for 4 days made me realize that if we got rid of the cable, I couldn’t ever be sick or injured again. Back in Philly, we didn’t have cable for 14 years. Now that we have it, I’m finding it difficult to let go even though I still don’t watch it that much. Mainly for baseball and old movies. As a huge movie fan, I always look first to Turner Classic Movies. What I like about watching movies on cable as opposed to getting films through Netflix is that I often watch films that I wouldn’t actively seek out. Which is what happened while my back was hurting. I watched three movies that I would never have added to my Netflix queue and enjoyed all three.

The good news is that the back is all but better. The bad news is that I don’t have an excuse to sit around all weekend watching baseball and old movies!