Philadelphia Film Festival 2012

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This time last year, we were just moving into our new apartment in Philadelphia, so when the Philadelphia Film Festival came around a couple of weeks later, I didn’t get to go to much of it since we were still getting settled and I didn’t take the time to blog any of it. I saw five films last year. The best of which was the utterly amazing Melancholia. Jeff, Who Lives at Home was entertaining but nothing spectacular. A Dangerous Method was a disappointment and Shame was a downright bomb: a juvenile understanding of human sexuality masked by pretentious filmmaking. I also saw Naked Lunch, which has been one of my favorite films for a long time. The novelty of seeing it on the big screen was marred by the fact they showed a really really beat up print. Clearly, not one of my best film festival experiences. But I’ve been to several excellent Philadelphia Films Festivals, so I chalk that experience up to not having the time to indulge in it more deeply.

Fortunately, we are much more settled and I have more ambitious plans this year. I have some other personal events on the both weekends, so my options then will be limited. I am taking some time off from work and plan on seeing quite a few things during the week.

The schedule as of now:

Friday, October 19:

Sunday, October 21:

Tuesday, October 23:

Wednesday, October 24:

Thursday, October 25:

Friday, October 26:

Sunday, October 28:

  • Young and Wild, which is preceded by the short, It’s Not a Cowboy Movie

I am thinking that as the details of some of the other things going on during the weekend get settled, I may be able to add another film here and there.

I’ve always enjoyed being able to really take advantage of film festivals but don’t always have the time, so I’m happy that this year will be one of the better years. The last time I was able to take significant time off from work and hit a festival was the 2009 Cinevegas festival, when I saw 17 films.

I recently realized that this will be the 10th year in a row that I’ve been able to get to a festival. I have quite a string going:

Since I am taking time off from work to attend the festival, I am hoping that I will have time to blog about it this time around.