My Top Blog Posts for 2014


Unlike last year when I had a very obvious top post of the year (Best Pic of the Day Ever), I didn’t have any sense of what my top posts this year might be. I know I can check this anytime in my blog stats, but I’m never too concerned about it until I get the yearly report from WordPress.

Even though I didn’t anticipate it, I am not surprised that my top post was So It Rained A Lot Last Night, which is my picture of the Schuylkill Banks Boardwalk after the river rose because of heavy rain.

So It Rained A Lot Last Night

I am very surprised by my second most popular post: my picture of Sandeman Ruby Porto from 2010. I can’t even begin to speculate as to why this gained any currency this past year.

The Truth Is Like a Hand Grenade, which was a picture of a sign posted in our neighborhood, was my third most popular post.

I had written a post back in the summer prior to our trip to Las Vegas about the Vegas stories I had gotten published. I was happy to see this post about my 3 Vegas Stories it make the top five.

For a while, I had a habit of creating a monthly blog post of all the interesting links I had shared during the month. For whatever reason, my February Link Love list was popular. Creating these lists was a bit time consuming, so I stopped doing them, but seeing that one of them was among my most popular posts makes me wonder if I should get back to it.